Wheelchair Ramps

Your clients experiencing mobility difficulties often require access ramps. Long term planning is often not considered when designing and building homes. A ramp will maximise a client’s independence; improving access in and out of the home reduces the risk of social isolation as well as promoting general health and well-being.

Rehab Installation makes the process of Home Modifications easy. The person that quotes the job completes the job. No longer do you have to deal with different trade’s people to complete different parts of the job. We have the skills to complete any building works from carpentry, concreting and metal work to complete the entire job from start to finish.

Rehab Installation will tailor the ramp to suit your clients mobility needs and aesthetic requirements to suit their home. Below are descriptions of the types of ramps we can provide.

Threshold wheelchair ramps

Where a threshold step rise does not exceed 56mm a threshold ramp no longer than 450mm may be installed. This will result in a gradient of 1:8. We custom manufacture timber threshold ramps from
strong ply wood timber and paint in a suitable slip resistant paint. 

Timber wheelchair ramps with merbau deck

This combination of timber is specified by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in the construction of Wheelchair Ramps and Platform steps for Australia’s war veterans.

Timber wheelchair ramps with treated pine deck and carpet

Carpeted wheelchair Ramps are specified with the Department of Human Services and Statewide Equipment Program (SWEP). The carpet is Marine grade, so it is resilient to harsh conditions and ultraviolet light. It serves to create a safe slip resistant surface. Specified to be used on the inclined section of the wheelchair ramp it can also be used on a flat decking area for an additional anti slip surface.

Wheelchair ramps with concrete pads

The concrete pad at the base of the wheelchair ramp serves as a non-slip area at the end of the wheelchair ramp where a wheel chair can be manoeuvred easily and also provides a solid surface not affected by water or mud when it rains.

Concrete wheelchair ramps

The concrete wheelchair ramp is a permanent alternative to timber ramps. By utilising coloured pigments in the concrete, the wheelchair ramp may be made to blend into the surrounding environment.

Wedge step ramps

For small steps measuring 10-20mm a small wedge ramp can be installed. We would use either a standard aluminium wedge, rubber wedge or a custom made timber wedge ramp painted with slip resistant paint.